Gondola Shelving System


Gondola Shelving System

Easy rack storage are the authorized distributor and wholesalesof all tye of display shelving. We are capable to provide high quality Gondola Shelving System to our clients. Our Gondola Shelving System is exclusively manufactured and to withstand a superb heavy and tough industrial loads. 


Our Gondola Shelving System is designed to cater users that aim to have a displaying shelving system. With variety kinds of sizes and inches, user can choose the which gondola that best suits their stores or places. Very convenient, simple installation and reliable display shelving system, our gondola shelving delivers the best. 

GRLS9644Gondola System1
Gondola System_5533Gondola System1
Gondola System_5526Gondola System1
Gondola System_5525Gondola System1
Gondola System_5525Gondola System1
Gondola System_4752Gondola System1
Gondola System_4751Gondola System1
Gondola System_4750Gondola System1
Gondola System_1925Gondola System1
Gondola System_1294Gondola System1
Gondola System_1291Gondola System1
Gondola System_1013Gondola System1
Gondola System_1012Gondola System1
Gondola System_0480Gondola System1
Gondola System_0476Gondola System1
Gondola System_0475Gondola System1


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